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Iron Ranch Containers is a supplier of all types and sizes of containers. We offer containers for sale and containers for hire as well as offering containers for rental. We can also arrange container delivery and off loading anywhere in Southern Florida. Iron Ranch Containers also buy used containers, in single or large numbers no matter what the condition. We operate our own container repair, conversion and cleaning service. All work undertaken is bespoke and to the highest standards.

Due to the information being provided by the Industry Leaders in Container Sales, Leasing and Modifications, Iron Ranch Containers can also help to assist with knowledge and stock regarding used shipping containers as well. We provide one trip containers for rent, lease or purchase throughout the world through us or a Container Alliance representing company.

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What are Storage Containers?

Storage containers are basically large metal boxes, which are constructed to be incredibly strong and durable for shipping merchandise and goods over long distances. These shipping and cargo containers can often be seen on cargo ships, trains, and even 18 wheelers. They come in different sizes and with different modifications such as door sizes and styles. Many people choose storage containers because of the sealed environment, the super strong construction, and the versatility of being able to combine multiple containers exactly as you need them.

Used Shipping Containers

Why choose used shipping containers? Shipping containers and cargo containers are extremely durable and have a long use life. Usually these versatile storage containers are only used for a short amount of time commercially before they are sold. This translates into savings for you, because you can get a used cargo container that is still just as structurally sound and usable as a new one for a fraction of the cost.

Modified Storage Containers

One of the most interesting uses that we’ve been seeing recently for shipping containers, storage containers, and cargo containers is people modifying these containers and making them into livable spaces. The most common use for modified storage containers is for office space, and we are happy to do any modifications to turn one of our used cargo containers into a solid, convenient, and movable office space for you. Modified storage containers for office spaces are useful for construction sites and anywhere where you just need an office space and don’t have a building available.

Another really popular and interesting way to use a storage container or a cargo container is for alternative housing construction. With insulation, wiring, and drywall, shipping containers can become cozy and extremely efficient little cottages or cabins. With multiple containers, they are often used as modular homes.

Cargo containers are extremely versatile, and with their sturdy metal shells they are perfect for a wide variety of uses. Whether you are thinking of using a modified storage container for a garage, an office, a home or cabin, or just a storage space to organize your stuff, we will do custom work to get you exactly the shipping containers you need.

Fast Shipping

At Storage Containers Sacramento, we will ship your storage container to anywhere in the Northern California area. These containers are pretty big and shipping can be cumbersome and expensive if you go through another service that isn’t a specialist in this kind of item. We strive to give you the best possible service, and that includes getting your cargo containers to you in a timely manner. When you need a container, you need it then, not a long time in the future! Whether you need a storage container to keep your stuff safe or to give you an extra office space, we will get it to you promptly and at reasonable prices.

Affordable Pricing

When we offer used cargo containers and shipping containers, what we are really doing is showing our commitment to bringing you the best quality items at affordable prices. New storage containers are a lot more expensive for not significantly better quality, since these storage containers keep their value and durability for years and years. On top of offering great values on used shipping containers, we also have new storage containers at competitive prices for customers who prefer the security that comes from buying it brand new.

Taking All Safety Measures Into Account!

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Quality Control Throughout the Entire Process!

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