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For Storage Container Sizes, we carry 10 Foot Storage Containers, 20 Foot Storage Containers, 40 Foot Storage Containers, 45 High Cube Foot Storage Containers and more!

One of the most common questions our customers have when they come to Iron Ranch Containers is what sizes of storage containers they can choose from. Everyone’s needs are unique, and every unique set of needs requires a particular set of specifications for the goods you need. Your business or personal needs are not one size fits all, so why should the shipping container you buy to meet those needs be one size fits all? At Iron Ranch Containers, we offer a wide variety of sizes of cargo containers available for delivery in the South Florida area, so you will be able to find a shipping container to fit your needs no matter how big or small of a container you require. We offer:

Our pre-used containers are carefully selected and guaranteed to be wind and watertight. They are available in standard sizes of 10ft 20ft 30ft or 40ft as well as High Cubes in 40ft and 45ft. We also have non-standard sizes and formats for sale The cosmetic condition can vary depending on the previous use of the box and this is reflected in the individual price. We have a reputation for supplying high quality containers at competitive prices.

Storage containers can be modified to your specification.We can carry out conversions such as partitions, external and internal doors, shuttered windows etc. See our gallery for ideas.

Lock boxes can be fitted to storage containers to hide the padlock from view and provide a higher degree of security. We can paint containers in any colour of your choice, including corporate colours, and we can customise your container with your own company logo and graphics. Our Shipping containers are fully inspected and are CSC certified and this guarantees them fit for shipping cargo overseas.

425x300 10ft

10 Foot Storage Container

Our 10 foot storage container is the smallest one we offer, and is perfect for compact uses and small spaces. Just because it’s a storage container, that doesn’t mean it needs to be massive. Many of our customers at Iron Ranch Containers get this size of cargo container to use as an outdoor shed, a storage building in their backyards, or even a small portable office. Sure, you won’t be able to fit everything and the kitchen sink in here, but many people don’t need to. And what this storage container lacks in size it more than makes up for in portability and convenience. Don’t be fooled by the compact size. Though it be but little, it is fierce.

425x300 20ft

20 Foot Storage Container

Our 20 foot storage container is one of our best sellers at Iron Ranch Containers. This is probably our most versatile size – big enough to store your stuff, and small enough to still be able to transport if you need to have it moved. As with all our storage container sizes, the 20 foot shipping container can be modified in any way you need, including changing out the doors to allow for your preferred mode of access, installing windows, putting in wiring and outlets, installing lighting, and even adding plumbing and a bathroom, depending on what you will be using the cargo container for. Please let us know your requirements, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

425x300 40ft

40 Foot Storage Container

Our 40 foot storage container is the big daddy of our storage containers! There’s really no other way to put it – it’s just huge. This shipping container is definitely big enough to store anything you need to have stored for you, and if you’re looking to use it as a convenient office space or alternative housing method it is a great choice for this use as well!

425x300 45ft

45 High Cube Foot Storage Container

If you’ve looked at our 40 foot storage container and thought, “meh, that’s big and all, but it’s just not quite big enough for me,” then the 45 foot high-cube storage container is the one you are going to want. This massive storage container gives you 5 extra feet in length and extra room vertically and horizontally as well, thus increasing your interior cubic footage significantly. A lot of our customers choose this option to fit out as cabins or dormitories since it gives more interior space. It also just gives more storage space if you’re looking to store or transport goods. Check them out today!

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