Iron Ranch Containers
Delivery Requirements

 Please note, if we cannot safely deliver, you will still be charged for trucking.

Drop off Space Requirements…

Making a safe and efficient delivery is part of our daily business.  We want to make the delivery process a success for all our customers, taking up as little time as possible. In order to ensure this, it is necessary for the area to be prepared prior to our arrival.  Our team of highly specialized delivery drivers will inspect the are area to be suited for safety before the drop off. If the terrain is not safe for drop off, it is against our policy to leave the container, in which it will require our driver to return to our facility. In this event, we regret to have to assess the delivery / trucking fee. Please make certain that all your drop off areas is ready and free of traffic and parked vehicles. Please look at the chart below to understand the areas that are needed for 20′ and 40′ container units.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Learn More About
How Delivery Works:

Please take a few moments to watch this video to visually understand the requirements for drop-off and pickup. By having the area prepared, you will enjoy a quick drop-off and pickup and avoid getting stuck wiht a deliver / trucking fee. Our objective is for you to earn your business. 


Preparing Your Site

One of the most common delivery problems is not having a plain – flat surface to lay the container. If the ground is uneven, the container may flex and bend especially with heavier loads. This not only causes damage to the container, but also prevents the doors from closing and locking properly. It is always a good practice to have extra wood to level off the ground where necessary to ensure a flat area.